Our investors are the life-blood, the foundation of our business. Whether it's a single family spec home, or a multi-family development project, we are able to bring those projects from start to finish only thanks to our dedicated team of investors.

From small individual investors with 50K of their savings or IRA money, to large institutional investors with multi-million construction funds, these are people we owe enormous gratitude for every successful project.

We are dedicated to creating value and profit in each and every project to ensure longevity of our relationships with our investors. If you would to join out team of investors, we would like to hear from you.


Here are some of the ways we work with investors:

  • Project participation as a Capital Investor, Equity Sharing partnerships
  • Lender, both Senior and Junior - As lenders, our investors receive earn interest on their money and /or percentage of the profit.
  • Source of Mezzanine and other forms of Gap Financing
  • Joint Venture with Property Owners - Property owner participates with the property (typically - with land), we design the project, finance it and build it, then split the profits at the end
  • Land Acquisition - Investor purchases the land and becomes the sole property owner. We we provide construction financing and project fulfillment
  • Build to suit - Investor brings hires us to build the project, we share in the profits or receive a fixed percentage/fee


Do you have other ideas? Interested in working with us? Let's discuss


Current offers:

Investor position(s) available in the Rocky Hill Pointe subdivision project (26 Townhomes) between $100,000 to 500,000. Duration - 12 months. Expected return - 50% or higher.

Please contact us today for more information.